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Searchable databases about the history and genealogy of Amlwch,Anglesey


Amlwch is a small  village on the North coast of the Isle of Anglesey just off the North Wales coast. In the C18th and C19th it was the location of the largest open cast copper mine in the world.

The need to export from the copper mine resulted in the development of a small local harbour and ship building industry many people came into the Amlwch area to work in these industries.

The sailing ships also resulted in people leaving Amlwch to live and work in many areas around the world.

In these pages I have tried to collect information about Amlwch which might be of interest to anyone who has left or is searching for ancestors in the Amlwch area.

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The information in these databases has been collected from various sources by a number of individuals.
Their hard work is acknowledged. The information is for private study only and should not be used commercially 
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